Symbyosys is a Digital Agent of the Digital Kit programme linked to the European funds “Next Generation EU” within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, promoted by the European Union and the Government of Spain.



What is it?
The Digital Kit is a Spanish Government initiative that aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions available on the market to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity.

Who is the target audience?
The digital solutions provided by the Digital Kit are oriented to the needs of small businesses, microenterprises and self-employed workers, belonging to any sector or type of business.


Solution: SymbyWeb

Website and Internet Presence 


Developing and maintaining a professional and attractive website that serves as a powerful marketing and communication tool, increasing brand visibility and online positioning.

In order to give visibility and online positioning to your brand we perform the following actions:

  • We design and develop your website.
  • We adapt your website to the cookies policy and RGPD.
  • We create your company profile in the main social networks and directories.
  • Hosting, SEO positioning, website backups, content creation, SEO and SEM advice.

Solution: SymbyEcommerce



Establishing and developing a comprehensive e-commerce platform that enables the company to expand its reach, increase sales, and enhance the online customer experience.

In order to give visibility and online positioning to your brand we perform the following actions:

  • Creation of the online store or E-Commerce: development and publication of your online store. A tool for you to sell your products through digital channels.
  • Registration of the product catalog: we load your catalog in your new online store.
  • Payment methods: we integrate in your online store the necessary payment methods to make transactions.
  • Responsive Design: your E-Commerce will have a design adaptable to all types of devices.
  • Self-manageable: the tool will allow you to modify the contents of your website, change prices, photos, descriptions, add products, delete, etc.
  • Shipping methods: you will have configured and integrated digital and physical shipping methods for your online store products.
  • Privacy policy, cookies law and RGPD: your website will comply with current privacy policies and the General Data Protection Regulation

Solution: Symby TPV+

Customer Management 


The main objective of this service is to optimize the management of customer relationships for your SME by implementing advanced digital solutions. This includes personalized communication, improving the customer experience, and increasing efficiency in customer service.

  • Modern design.
  • Platform for the integration of all current information (customers, orders, employees, etc.) in order to generate a unified database in which data can be exploited and segmented.
  • Oriented to touch devices.
  • Introduce data into the system and manage them in a centralized way.
  • To have a unified customer file with their orders.
  • Order tracking.
  • Data exploitation.

Solution: SymbyERP

Process Management


Automate your business’s entire value chain with an ERP system that combines innovation with process adaptability.

Automate your entire business value chain with SymbyERP, the ERP that combines innovation with process adaptability.

  • Purchasing and Sales.
  • Project Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Customer Portal.

Solution: SymbyVirtualOffice

Virtual Office Tools and Services

250€ / User

The main objective of this service is to provide your SME with the necessary digital tools to facilitate remote work and online collaboration, enhancing team efficiency and productivity.

  • Team collaboration: We will provide you with the necessary assistance and mentoring to carry out the creative ideation process or team management for collaborative project management, sharing resources and/or knowledge, providing tools for team interaction in the ideation or problem solving processes, as well as the configuration and customization of workflows, tasks, etc.
  • Store and share files: We will provide you with 1 TB of storage.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices: You can work from any device (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.).
  • Calendar and agenda: You will have an agenda and calendar that will help you stay organized at all times. 

Solution: SymbySocial

Social Network Management


The main objective of this service is to enhance your SME’s presence and positioning on social media, increasing visibility and engagement with your audience.

  • Creation and optimization of channels. 
  • Social Media Plan: aligned with the objectives, in order to attract potential customers as well as retain those who already are. 
  • Monitoring of social networks: allows to know the impact of the actions taken as well as to know if the objectives are being met. 
  • Weekly publications with valuable content.
  • Management in at least one social network. 
  • Statistics to measure the effectiveness and reach of publications.

Solution: SymbyData

Business Intelligence and Analytics


The main objective of this solution is to leverage the amount of data collected for decision-making.

  • Data integration with other databases/information systems: to make comparisons with the data obtained. 
  • Data storage: minimum 1GB per user. 
  • Structured and visual data dashboards: design of customized dashboards showing the most relevant data.
  • Data export to multiple formats.

Solution: SymbyInvoice

Electronic Invoice Management


The main objective of this service is to optimize and streamline the invoicing process of your SME through the implementation of digital solutions for electronic invoicing

  • Creation and personalization of electronic invoices in FACTURA-E structured format and their automatic sending. 
  • Unlimited number of invoices, customers and billable products or services. 
  • Expiry date control.
  • Invoice customization.
  • Licenses up to 3 users.

Solution: SymbyWeb+

Advance Internet Presence


The main objective of this service is to strengthen the digital presence of your SME in the online environment through advanced marketing strategies and web positioning.

  • This category will help your brand to ensure your positioning on the internet, increasing the acquisition of potential customers as well as increasing web visits. 
  • Keyword analysis: keyword management and research in order to develop useful strategies to rank content and help users find relevant results for their queries. 
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Monthly monitoring reports. 
  • Content management platform: the beneficiary will be able to modify the content of his website autonomously. 
  • Basic SEO optimization.

Solution: SymbyMarket



The main objective of this project is to establish a digital marketplace that facilitates the connection between sellers and buyers, providing a centralized platform for commercial transactions.

  • Previous market research, analyzing prices and competitors’ products. 
  • Helping the brand to increase its sales level.
  • Design and definition of the business strategy: oriented to the main objectives and according to the available resources.
  • Reference catalog: analyze the categories to be marketed to select at least 10 products aligned with the business strategy. 
  •  Creation of the listing content: at least 10 descriptions of the reference catalog.

Solution: SymbyIATraining

Artificial Intelligence Training Plan


Train company staff in the fundamentals and practical applications of artificial intelligence to enhance their understanding and skills in using this technology

Our AI training plan is designed to enhance the business decision-making process. We offer:

  • Data Integration and Storage: Access other databases, compare data, and enjoy a minimum of 1 GB of storage.
  • Custom Data Dashboard Creation: Build structured and visual data dashboards tailored to your needs, enabling flexible and effective visualization.
  • Versatile Data Export: Export data to images or Excel documents for greater compatibility and synergy with other common programs.
  • AI Fundamentals Training for BI: We train your team in AI fundamentals, including current regulations, ethical and security risks, as well as specific aspects of data integration, storage, dashboard creation, and AI use cases.
  • AI Training Certification: Upon completion of the training, a certificate validating the acquired Artificial Intelligence skills will be awarded.

Solution: SymbyIAProcesses

Process Management with AI


Implementing artificial intelligence solutions to optimize and automate business processes, enhancing operational efficiency, decision-making, and customer experience

Our AI training program is designed to digitize and/or automate business processes related to operational or production aspects. We offer:

  • Process Automation and Workflow: Digitize and automate comprehensive processes, as well as other internal process management functionalities, providing efficiency and agility in your operations.
  • Integration with Various Platforms: The solution easily integrates with other tools through APIs or Web Services, enabling seamless collaboration between systems.
  • Upgradable and Scalable: Keep your solution always up-to-date with new versions and scale according to your business needs.
  • Training in AI Fundamentals for Process Management: We prepare your team with basic AI fundamentals in automation and optimization of workflows, financial management, and more.
  • AI Training Certificate: Upon completion of the training, a certificate will be awarded validating the skills acquired in artificial intelligence.

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